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Dark Era abandons what the traditional web game themes based on history or magic. Instead, it adopts the notion of time-space. Time and space are connected, providing more original possibilities. In the game, players will travel as Chrono Guardians: the medieval Age of Chivalry, the martial Rome, the legendary era of Emperor Li… You might fight with Joan of Arc and then drink wine with Cho Hakkai.

The battle system is also innovative. Dark Era is the first web game that uses horizontal fights scenes, presenting the most featured hand-to-hand combat in web games. The skill system emphasizes attacks such as Leap Chop, Assassination, Sneak Attack and Spin Attack, which makes fighting more challenging.

Plus, after merging them with beasts, players can receive a special merge skill: Wings Crush and Wings Protection. Wings Crush can summon devil souls to area attack, while Wings Protection can summon Supreme Beast Magical Armour to protect players against damage. However, using merge skill consumes Fury. Fury can be accumulated through battles or recover itself.

Origen: Dark Era Official Site-Travel through time, adventure with justice.-Dark Era

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